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Good morning Mike! I'd like to compliment your organization that produced those chrome floorboards for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I purchased a set of rider and passenger foot boards for my wife's Sportster 1200 "Low" (2006). The dealer just installed them and they fit perfectly; no clearance problems ET AL. Well done! I'm always a bit apprehensive with OEM products, but I'll certainly be ordering from you again, and let others know about you. Thank again!
- Joe Ames

Thank you again for the PB-HS footboard guards Mike. The installation was simple and intuitive. I've recommended them to three of our clients as they are a great looking and practical accessory for our HD passenger floorboards. Thanks again for your support and help. Cheers!
- Raul at Golden Gate HD

Mike: You people have your stuff together.  I ordered on Monday and received the the BD-1 Today (Wed).  This is probably the fastest service I have received for add-on equipment for my HD. The part fits perfect & I did not have to take the running board off.  It took about 2 minutes to install.  Thanks!
- D.A. Butch Lindburg, Northern Michigan

Hey Mike:  Thanks for all your help.  It's not easy getting stuff done from over here and you definitely made it easy for me. Looking forward to putting the boards on and riding.
- Weasy, Stationed in Iraq

Hello Mike, got the BD-1 for my Fatty today. What should I say? Installation is easy, it works great and looks great!
I only wonder why there is no dealer in Europe for this really useful product. Many thanks
-Chris from Germany

"Received the footboards today. They are just what I have been looking for! I'm glad I came across your site on the web. Thanks for the great product and service. You guys rock."
-K.d. Banes

I love your products... got one on my Spirit...keeps me from melting my boots.
-Judi Shiver

I love these Boot Dr. things. I hunted everywhere for the perfect guard last year in Milwaukee and nothing suited me. I wanted exactly what you offered--something low, chrome and that I could mount without drilling holes. They keep my feet off my pipes and I had an issue with that before I put these on there. I love the way they mount on my floorboards without drilling holes and I also love the fact that they don't stand out or up or anything. I love them! Thanks!
-W. Spurlin

I got the new Boot Dr. and it fit very nicely. I like the product.
Thank you for your timely response and great service. I will
put out the good word. Thanks Again!" -T. Dieterle

I took my first ride, 180 miles, with the Boot Dr on. What a
nice feeling it was to look down a couple times during the
ride, and after, and see NO scuff marks on the pipes.
Great accessory for my Heritage Classic. It has been,
and will be recommended to my fellow riders.
Thanks again!" -B. Mehr

Thanks for the info. I always wonder when I send a check
in the mail. I did try to order a while back but apparently you
shut down for vacation. Thanks for the suggestion regarding
the rider application however, you will be happy to know it's
the first item I put on my new 04 Ultra when I picked it up last
January. Not only do they work but I've had many favorable
comments/compliments in comparison to other styles.
-Vic Zukowski

"I received the boot guards the other day. They are working out great! Thanks!"
-W. Webber

"By installing Boot Dr. on my entire rental fleet, my maintenance crew no longer had to waste valuable time cleaning off burned on boot marks off the exhaust pipes. Less time cleaning the bikes means a quicker turnaround time to get them back out on the road with a new customer. Prior to installing the product, I also had to deal with unhappy customers who had burned their footwear on the hot exhaust and would expect that we would reimburse them for a new pair of boots/shoes. The Boot Dr. also took care if that problem as well. This is a very functional product that looks great on the bikes as well." J.P. Jaramillo, Rental Fleet Mgr., Las Vegas H-D

"Man, they are beautiful, they are perfect. Since Sept. 11th 2001 I was trying to figure out what to do to my motorcycle in memory of all my friends that were murdered that day. A custom paint job? Maybe a vanity license plate? The boot dr's add the perfect way to remember that day without bringing too much attention to the bike. I know its there and I show whoever I want too. I want to thank you for doing the custom set, I will treasure them and pass them on to my son when he inherits my bike." -E. Spinelli

"When I first installed the product, I was'nt sure if I would like it or not, but now I'd be lost without it." -D. Malde "...I like it. I never found the Boot Dr. to limit moving my foot away from the footboard at all. And when I wanted to hang my foot over the back of the footboard, I could feel exactly where the edge was. I also used the top edge of it to actually provide a grip edge for my sole so that my foot stayed right where I put it when it was hanging back. Plus, my exhaust pipe stayed un scuffed." Orville Sheldon, Sheldon's H-D, Auburn, MA "Hey Mike, You put a Boot Dr. on my 99' Road King Police while the wolves were being painted on the tanks in Daytona. Still liking it a lot. Been telling all my riding buds about it. They keep asking me where you're going to be at next. Please send me a copy of your schedule so l can keep them updated. Thanks!" Joe

To Mike: "Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. I can't tell when the last time was that I received such great and personal service from any company or department store. My husband was thrilled with what I got him for our anniversary. His response, "oh the first piece of chrome you've purchased for the bike" with a grin from ear to ear. Thank you so much for the additional hat. I've worn it a few times now as well as the t-shirt. It amazingly fits, even though I am 6 1/2 months pregnant. Anyways you are wonderful and I will definitely spread the word on your product to our friends and family. Thank you." F. Diehl

"I met you at bike week in Daytona. I have a 1997 FLSTS , White with red , just like the one you used to have. The boot Dr. is great! Thanks!" R. Underwood

"Hi, I bought my Boot Dr. at Big Moose Harley Davidson in Portland, ME about a month ago. Installing it on my '02 Fat Boy was easy and although it's vibration free, I used some silicone as recommended in the instructions. This is one of only three non Harley items on my heavily accessorized bike and it's one of the most functional. Thanks for a great product. " P. Hatch

"Hello there, Mr and Mrs Boot Dr. ,Maybe you guys remember us, Bill and the gang from Daytona, We loved your product and we are letting the Dealers out our way know about it. Talk to ya soon!" Bill and Lynda

"Purchased right side Boot Dr. at Arizona Bike Week, GREAT Idea! Thanks!!" Bill

"Thanks Mike, I've already installed my Boot dr. & I like it almost as much as the pics you sent me of the Boot Dr. Girls!!" Colin

"I hated seeing boot marks all over my pipes after a rental. Boot Dr. took care of that problem right away. By having the guards installed, I can also turn around the bikes faster & put them out on a new rental because I don't have to clean off the boot marks anymore. More rentals means more income for the business" Steve Hopf, Owner, Street Eagle H-D Rental, Las Vegas, NV

"I got the Boot Dr.'s in the mail yesterday & I put them on that night. My friend and I left the next morning for Oregon, and we put on 1350 mi over the next few days. The product worked just fine, and they are just what I wanted." J. Grillo

"A must buy! Quit ruining your pipes. Great idea!" R. Lund

"This guard is the best I have seen, installation was a snap, great chrome finish A+." G. Klein "Great product from an excellent dealer. Great communication. Thanks!" M. Young



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