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Highly Polished Stainless Steel Motorcycle Floorboard Guards That Quickly and Easily Install On Your
Harley-Davidson® or Indian® Motorcycle.


Many people ask us how the Boot Dr. started. Well, here is the story…Back in 1997, on a sunny, spring day in New England, Mike Cardoso, the founder & inventor of the Boot Dr.™ got off his brand new Heritage Springer to find that he had unfortunately burned half of his boot heel onto the hot exhaust pipe, which is located right next to the floorboard. He then spent 2 hours painstakingly cleaning the burnt boot marks off the pipe, only to notice that once he was done, the luster was gone from the chrome. Needless to say, he was unhappy. Mike, being an avid motorcycle enthusiast since age 19, also enjoyed going on long tours on his bike. During these long trips, he would ride for hours on end, at which point he noticed another annoying problem. His foot would sometimes be blown off the back of the floorboard due to excessive wind resistance and vibration from the motor. He found that he needed to constantly readjust his feet & battle the wind, which in turn caused some muscle fatigue in his legs. He thought to himself, “there has got to be a simple solution to this problem”. That solution turned out to be the Boot Dr™.

MD, Inc. started operations in November of 2001 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company’s launch was driven by the introduction of its innovative and unique Boot Dr.™ product line. Manufacturing is done both on the east coast, and off shore. Product is shipped to distributors and dealers from two regional distribution centers located in RI and NV. The Boot Dr. product line is sold through a network of Harley-Davidson™ and Indian™ dealerships, and aftermarket shops located throughout the United States. Boot Dr. is distributed exclusively by DRAG Specialties and our products can be ordered through every Harley shop around the world through that catalog.  We are also proud to have J&P Cycles as our #1 dealer catalog, so feel free to order from their great catalog or their website as well.  Look for the J&P Cycles and DRAG Specialties Big Rig Road Stores at all the major bike rallies across the nation…you can place your orders there too!  Boot Dr. can also be purchased direct by calling our Toll Free number, or by ordering online from our company website.

MD, Inc. currently holds a US Design Patent number D479698, which protects the proprietary design of our rider boot guards. Other patents are currently pending or in the works for some of our other innovative & unique designs, such as the Mini Bullet Board line.

All of our products are made with the highest quality materials & superior workmanship. Each item is individually inspected by our quality control team prior to packaging and shipping. If it’s not perfect, it won’t go out...period. Ease of installation remains a top priority in the design process. We design all of our parts with 3 things in mind: SAFETY, COMFORT, and STYLE. We strive for all of our products to LOOK GOOD, and WORK GREAT!!

Thank you for your interest in our products. See you at the next rally & always Ride Safe out there!

Mike C.
MD, Inc.

Questions? Comments? Email us any time.

Email: mike@bootdr.com

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